Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No She Won't (And Can't)

APRIL 23, 2008:

Hillary Clinton has run a campaign on falsities, cheap shots, political pandering, special interest cash, and crying in New Hampshire. But nothing compared to her Pennsylvania victory speech, where she won by 9.2% in a state she had 16% more than her opponent just a couple weeks prior, wherein she manipulated her fellow Democrat’s words into her own stolen slogan: Yes We Will. (Get it?) Here’s the problem.

No she won’t deliver universal health care; she failed the first time. No she won’t.
No she won’t fight for working Americans; her campaign is sponsored by more Washington lobbyists than any other candidate. No she won’t.
No she won’t end this war carefully; she carelessly voted us into it. No she won’t.
No she won’t reform Washington; she and her husband have been part of its hierarchy for over a decade. No she won’t.
No she won’t stop standardized testing from warping classroom education; state exams still reign supreme in her own state of New York. No she won’t.
No she won’t restore America’s standing in the world; she voted for the War in Iraq and suggested the notion of “obliterating” Iran. No she won’t.
No she won’t win this nomination; she is behind immensely in both the delegate count and the popular vote. No she won’t.

And so when Ms. Clinton suggests Americans are going to use their right to vote to prolong the brutal Democratic nomination process by voting for a candidate who can’t win—and moreover and more importantly shouldn’t win—I just have three words for my fellow Westchester County resident:

No we won’t.

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